MENTORING ~ Method and Style

A wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. An influential senior sponsor or supporter or champion

  • My mentoring is a very hands on, ‘been there, done that’ type of thing, offering advice, top tips, new connections and introductions.
  • I help people clarify their purpose and the strategies, tactics and behaviours which flow from this.
  • I like smart ambitious people doing interesting useful work in the world.
The best way for you to get what I do is to share some examples:

A has risen fast and we work on the kind of leader A wants to be – and be seen to be - leadership ‘presence’ and how that plays out in A’s role in developing strategy and direction for the company. Our mentoring sessions are scheduled on the days immediately before A has a critical meeting or intervention so A can be at their best when it really matters.

With this has come a great deal of uncertainty, lying-awake-at-night anxiety and challenges, professionally and personally. We spend time working on two things: the business model and how B will deal with the wide range of people who have a stake in her – her spouse, family, investors, staff and potential partners.

C has been given a complex, high profile and career defining/ending (!) opportunity and is in equal parts excited and terrified. C uses our sessions to have a rant and pour out his frustrations and problems and sound me out about the tactics he is using to move a very complex system forward.

Don’t let me settle Liam. I want you to hold my feet to the fire. I want you to be totally there for me but not get dragged into my dramas and frustrations. And sometimes I will want you to give me bloody answers. That’s all!”