I’m Liam.

In my time I have been a business founder, impact investor and a CEO. I sit on the boards of two purpose led businesses, The Conduit and Togetherall and mentor a range of leaders, from social entrepreneurs running grassroots social enterprises and through to C Suite execs in huge and complicated companies.

I love working with people who are trying to change the world and realise how bloody hard that is. People tend to contact me when a big transition is on the cards or they have a tricky problem for which they need some honest, gloves off, advice and support.

I am associate with the Forward Institute, working with senior leaders in the police, military and business who are dealing with challenges for which there are no quick or easy answers.

My new book - out on January 10th 2023 - is How To Lead With Purpose, and I have filled it with no BS, woo woo free, advice on life and work for those who want to put purpose at the centre of their working lives, be they people running their own thing or employees in private, public and non-profit organisations.

Please buy my book here.

And if you want to talk about anything else please email me at liam@asweplease.co.uk.

Peace, love and profit.



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